The Great Gatsby - eBook, ePUB, Mobi, PDF (Fast instant delivery)

The Great Gatsby - eBook, ePUB, Mobi, PDF (Fast instant delivery)

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The Great Gatsby:

by F. Scott Fitzgerald

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'The Great Gatsby' written by American author F. Scott Fitzgerald was first published in 1925.

The story is of the year 1922 and characters of this story live in the town of West Egg of the prosperous Long Island.

Jay Gatsby is a young millionaire (born in a poor family) with mysterious quixotic passion for the beautiful woman Daisy Buchanan.

The story explores the social change with decadence, idealism, resistance to change and excesses.

It creates a portrait of the Jazz Age or the Roaring Twenties.

The novel is a cautionary tale regarding the upheavals created by the disastrous cultural changes in the American society in that period.

The Great Gatsby provides a critical social history of contemporary America, which was known for unprecedented economic prosperity, the evolution of jazz music, flapper culture, bootlegging and other criminal activities. These social disturbances are plausibly depicted by a simple beginning with use of automobiles to the discreet allusions to the organized crime.

This novel provides the details of the garish society of the Roaring Twenties and serves well as an educative tool for the new generations.