Music Video: (Professional Music Video Director, Music Video Production)

Give a sharp blade to an average person and they can easily chop fruits and vegetables...
Give a sharp blade to a Ninja or a Samurai and an empire could easily fall.
Only then you realize that...

"The power is not in the sword, but in he who wields it..."

In this industry, you only get one chance,
Maximize your moment when that time comes.

Most artists career goal is to get to, or remain at the top level. 
Our goal is to help you get there. How?
We give you a professional profile | We Make you look like a Star
and provide many other intangibles necessary to succeed in the business.

We work with independent or established artists.
* Financing available via credit card *

We are now offering at a discount: Superstar Package

(1) Professional Music Video.
(1) Video Preview Trailer (short commercial) for Facebook/Instagram/social media, Great for advertisement and increasing awareness for your video.
(1) Professional Photo Shoot.
Included Bonus:
(1) Professionally Customized Graphic Design, CD Cover Artwork or promotional artwork design.
(1) Professional Press kit:
Full Bio, Band info and journalistic write up, 8x10 band photos, Tour schedule (if applicable), social media presence, and more...
*All packaged in Professional press kits:
(What you would give to record companies and executives to determine if they want to sign your band)
(If you are independent, what you would give to radio stations, promoters, magazines and other media outlets to get your band airplay, exposure and booked on tours $$$)

Options to add: A Professionally designed Artist Website, Customized YouTube Channel & Social media pages, Online Music Store and more...

We also offer Premier Packages and more inclusive videos for Higher Budgets
...Including Models, Actors, Make up artists, Catering, Assistants, and more...

We film:
Music Videos, Movies, Promos, Short Films, Commercials and more.

**Package deals available**

Upon Checkout:
You will instantly receive a legally binding filming contract, all services are listed on the contract, shoot dates are tentative/TBA.
Once dates are finalized:
You can either eSign or Phyically sign your contract.

The usual filming process is:
1. We discuss your vision for the project and what it takes to bring it to life.
* You send the song (you can also send it via our File Uploader 
on our website:
* If you don't have a full idea of what you want to do,
no problem. We'll do a script for you after reviewing
the song and discuss it with you.
2. Contracts are signed and a shoot
date is scheduled.
3. We Begin Filming Your Project.
4. We Begin editing your project.
5. Your Finished project is delivered to you in a Digital
High Definition Format for instant upload to any outlet.
Television or YouTube, etc... along with a Physical DVD. Professionally designed with on-disc Artwork and customized DVD cover, front and back.

*Payment in full is required BEFORE filming.

Third Day Films
"We make you look like a Star"
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We travel worldwide.

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